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The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Saving lives off the Dorset coast from Swanage since 1875.

Keeping up a family tradition as teenagers join their fathers at Swanage RNLI


Keeping up a family tradition as teenagers join their fathers at Swanage RNLI

Swanage, like many RNLI stations, has had a strong history of generations of families volunteering as crew members. Several families from the town have strong links to the station - and that tradition looks set to continue.

Felix Williams and Morgan Woodford are no exception. Both sons of volunteer lifeboat crew, after celebrating their 17th birthdays (the minimum age to join the crew) they’ve both taken the decision to sign up and start training to help save lives at sea. In following in their fathers’ footsteps they’ve become the youngest volunteers at the lifeboat station.

Felix is the son of Steve Williams, a long-standing member of the Swanage crew with over 20 years’ service on both the inshore and all-weather lifeboat. Morgan is the son of Roydon Woodford a crew member with eight years’ service on the all-weather lifeboat. This now makes three father and sons currently serving at the Swanage Station with more in the pipeline.

Felix said: ‘I am delighted to join the crew here at Swanage. I’ve grown up watching my Dad volunteer and seeing the difference the RNLI makes in our community and I want to be a part in that. I’m so proud to have my own pager.’

Steve said: ‘I am proud to see him carrying a pager. I bet it gets him out of bed quicker than I have ever been able to.’

Morgan said: ‘I am really proud to be getting the chance to be part of the RNLI with my Dad. I’m looking forward to the training ahead and can’t wait to put it into practice. Some of my earliest memories are seeing him run to respond to the pager. I have known many of the crew since I was a small child, so it feels like my family just got bigger, especially by joining at the same time as a fellow school friend.’

Roydon described his feelings at seeing his son heading out to sea: ‘I’m very proud of Morgan, it’s a rare opportunity to be able to serve with one of your children and Morgan has come to the decision very naturally and for his own reasons. The RNLI is a historic institution and something I have been very honoured to be a part of for eight years.. To know that my family will continue the tradition and help to save lives at sea makes me very proud.’

Now the training begins…

Morgan Woodford (left) and Felix Williams (right)
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